50, 87 & 120 KM NON-STOP TRAIL

WELCOME to the Dutch Indian Summer Ultratrail

The Indian Summer Ultra is an ultra trail for solo´s and teams. Our organization is well known for our RUNFORESTRUN trailrun serie. The trail is a journey through the beautiful Drenthe region where some of The Netherlands most remote nature can be found. The route 95% unpaved and is a treat for those loving to run in the great outdoors and wanting to enjoy nature at it’s best.

We welcome foreign particpants. Our volunteers can speak English and also mostly German.

In 2020 we will host the Dutch National Championship Ultra Trailrunning. Foreign particpants can still sign in and will be ranked. Only the best Dutch competitor (male and female) in the 120 km category wll be ranked seperatly .


    50, 87 & 120 (Dutch National Championship) KM


    3, 5 & 6

Unpaved 95%
Single track 30%
Open terrain 38%


With your participation you support nature!

lg_sport4nature_v2_150pxEach registration we will give us the oppertunity to donate a fixed donation which will be spent on a pre-planned nature project in the trail area.

www.SPORT4NATURE.nl (Dutch page)


ISU Medal


This is included:

  • Beautiful nature
  • Finishers medal
  • Fully marked trail
  • GPX track of the route
  • Time registration
  • Support by kind volunteers
  • Complete support locations
  • Showers and restroom facilities
  • Medical support and traffic control
  • Massage
  • Sport massage at the finish
  • A1 size trail map
  • Exlusivity, you ar not a #


Sunday (week before)Registration is open until the sunday prior to the event. (or when maximum number participants has been reached). You can’t register at the event.
18.00 - 22.00 hrsRegistration 120 en 87 km participants
18.00 - 21.00 hrsPasta party (when ordered with your registration)
05.00 hrsRegistration 120 en 87 km participants - hand-in gearbags (not for teams)
06.00 hrsStart (all distances except 50 km solo)
08.08 hrsSunrise
10:00 hrsRegistration 50 km
11.30 hrsRegistration 50 km closes
11.45 hrsStart 50 km solo
15.00 hrsPrize giving ceremony 87 km
17.00 hrsPrize giving ceremony 50 km and 120 km teams
17.30 hrsGearbags Wp3 back at finish
17.30 hrsCut-off time Transition location 4 (120 km course)
(120 km: after 17.30 short cut to finish)
18.00 hrsPrize giving ceremony Solo 50 and 87 km and teams (when finished).
18:27 hrsSunset
20.00 hrsPrize giving ceremony Solo 120 km (when finished)
20.30 hrsCut-off Trasition location 4 (final > off to Finish)
21.45 hrsGearbags Wp4 back at finish
00.00 hrsCut-off time event (all categories)

Racebese: Camping de Weyert - Rolde

Address: Balloërstraat 2, 9451 AK Rolde  The Netherlands

Phone: 0031 592 241 520 (until 20.00 hrs)

More information: deweyert.nl

Parking: on the camping grounds


Camping de Weyert has many different accommodation possibilities. Camping, caravan rental, chalet, woodlodge etc. .All available at this lovely camping.


Other possibilities: check www.hondsrugdrenthe.nl

GPX track

You can also download a track for specific sections using the Section (Etappe) pages.

Route map

Marking the trail

During the event another event, the RUNFORESTRUN Indian Summer trail, will be organized and using parts of the ISU trail. You might see these runners in the second half of Section 4.

The 50 km Ultratrail will start later. Their first section is a connection route to section 4. You might meet runners overtaking you or you overtaking them you didn’t see before since your start. The distance differences can be seen by the different color wristbands.

The route will be signed with orange ribbons. The turn-offs will be indicated by a double orange ribbons.

Siging in the dark:

Section 1, first part Section 2, Second half section 4, Section 5 and Section 6: orange ribbons combined with 10 cm reflection ribbon at the bottom of this ribbon (and/or reflection ribbon of 15-20 cm).

Go to the Routebewijzering page (in Dutch) to see how we mark the route.

Track remarks

  • The closing times of the Transition point (Wisselpunten/WP’s) are not on the map. Take a note or memorize them if you wish;
  • 30 minutes after the closing time of a transition point the next section will be sweeped and cleaned.

Sections per distance

120 kmxxxxxx
87 kmxxxxx (last part)
50 kmx (last part)*xx

* The 50 km participants will be lead toe Section 4 via a seperate route.


  • It’s possible to register without having all the team member names (use tba – to be announced);
  • A team can contain a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 members;
  • Both 2-3 and 4-6 persoons teams will be ranked in the Teams 2-6 members category;
  • Until Tuesday before the event weekend you can change the team composition;
  • There’s always a maximum of one runner on the course, never both:
    Exemption: After leaving WP 4 teams may run together to the finish;
  • You may only change team members at the Transition locations (WP);
  • The team member which isn’t running drives to the next Transition location to change team member. You decide how to plan the sections within your team. i.g. switch after eacht section, or one runner run´s two sections, the next one does the next one etc.;
  • Don’t forget to handover carkeys at the Transition locations (use a spare key?). It’s is not within our priority to help you when this goes wrong.

Showers, restrooms and massage


  • Restrooms: there are restrooms at the restaurant and in the washroom facilities on the camping grounds;
  • Showers: showers are available on the camping grounds (costs €050);
  • Massage: from 17.00 till midnight massage is possible.  Please take a shower first and bring your own towel.

On the road:

  • At some transition area’s restrooms are available.



  • You are self supporting. Depending on your running speed you might be depending on your own for 1,5 to 3 hours;
  • At the end of each section you will find an aid station with a variety of food and drinks;
  • Support teams are not allowed on the trail. You are allowed to receive care and support by your own support team at the Transition-locations;
  • Between 05.00 and 05.45 hours on Saturday solo participants (only 120 and 87 km, not 50 km) are allowed to hand in a bag with food and personal belongings (size approx. 30×40 cm – provided by the organization). The bag will be available at a Transition Location of your choice± WP3 or 4. The gearbags at Transion point 3 will be back at the caming at 19.00 hours. The gearbags at Transition point 4 at 22.30 hours. If you need them earlier ou may pick them up yourself;
  • Water is available at the start& finish and all Transition locations;
  • Our support crews at the Transition locations will also provide other drinks and snacks;
  • The complete menu (not at every Transition locations): banana’s, oranges, apples, different kind of cakes and bread, salty peanut´s, chips, small tomatoes, winegums, raisens, liquorice, water, sportdrinks (SPORTVOEDINGWEBSHOP merk) and cola;
  • Depending on the temeratures there might be hot broth;
  • Our support at the Transition locations are only for the solo runners and the runners of teams finishing a section;
    The Transition points are on the map and have a certain closing time. Check the information table on this page;Participants need to carry sufficient food and drinks between the Transition area’s;
  • Watercan’s etc. can be filled at the Transition locations (not sportdrinks or cola).


  • To be ordered when registering:
    • Friday pasta €7,50 (18.00-21.00 uur).
      Large portions, larger then 2016;
    • Friday pasta €7,50 – vegatarion (18.00-21.00 uur).
      Large portions, larger then 2016;
    • Saturday Breakfast box (€8,00);
    • Saturday Stamppot meal  €9,00;
    • Saturday ISU Burger + soep €7,50.
    • Sunday Luxury  Breakfast buffet €9,50.
  • Changing clothes: theres a location where you may change your clothes. You may leave your bags here but these are not guarded. During the day another trail event takes place (RUNFORESTRUN Indian Summer) and will use the same facilities;
  • Security: there is no security for you valuables (money, wallet, id´s etc.).


  • First aid: at start & finish and travelling from Transition point to transition point;
  • A Special Medicteam will be travelling the trail region by car and have mountainnbikes in order to be able to get to your position when needed;
  • These phone numbers can be found in the event information handout. Make sure you have these with you:
    For questions, information, quitting etc.: race managers
    For direct emergancy support. 112 and or our medic field team (with mountainbikes).
    Als check the list of obligatory equipment: mobile phone. You must hand over your mobile phone number and a ICE (In Case of Emergency) number prior to the race;
  • We register the runners passing the transition points. Please make sure your number is registered when passing this point. Otherwise we will no know where you are. It´s for your safety;
  • Traffic: there will be road security at busy or dangerous road crossings, but art many road crossings you need to look out for yourself. we will warn you at other road crossings with the sign “PAS OP AUTO´S”, meaning “WATCH OUT CAR’S”.
  • You must inform the organization at the Transition point or at the Finish in case of a withdrawl.

Registering for the Indian Summer Ultra

Register for your next adventure. Read the terms and rules before registering.

Rules (general)

  1. Follow the instructions of the organization;
  2. Assistance between the Transition locations and on the course are forbidden. You ‘re on your own.
  3. Carry your own rubbish;
  4. Stay on the trail, never leave the track unless this we indicated this with our trail markings;
  5. Mountain bikes are forbidden on the non-mountainbike sections of the trail. Only our cyclists are allowed on the course;
  6. Runners with dogs, buggies etc. are not allowed on the course;
  7. Deliberate obstruction of other participants is not permitted;
  8. You are required to assist another runner in case of an accident;
  9. You are responsible for an adequate medical insurance ;
  10. Allow faster runners to pass you..

Rules (solo specific)

This equipment is mandatory for all participants solo:

  • ID;
  • Phone with the organization’s number (0031 6 4211 4999);
  • Water (at least 0.5 liters);
  • Rescue Blanket (lightweight thermal blanket).

The following materials are recommended:

  • Gloves;
  • Cap;
  • Headlight (not for 50 km participants unless you think you will not make it before dark);
  • Map (in phone or printed) of the route;
  • GPS watch with gpx to track (the entire route is marked);
  • Money: at least € 20.

Change from 120 km to 87 km category:

  • When changing from 120 km to 87 m at WP 4 (missing cut-off, not fit enough etc) you may switch to the “120>87 km”category. You need to inform the organization at this WP and at the Finish. You will receive a different colour wristband. At the finish you might have to wait for a medal as we need to be sure the official 87 km participants receive their medal at the finish.

Rules (specific TEAMS)

This equipment is mandatory for all Teams when on the track:

  • ID;
  • Phone with the organization’s number (0031 6 4211 4999);
  • Water (at least 0.5 liters).

If a participant run´s more than one section after eachover the following equipment is mandetory:

  • Rescue Blanket (lightweight thermal blanket).

The following materials are recommended:

  • Gloves;
  • Cap;
  • Map (in phone or printed) of the route;
  • GPS watch with gpx to track (the entire route is marked).

TERMS: with your registration you declare..

  • to agree to the rules;
  • to be well prepared and trained;
  • there are no medical limitations or restrictions to take part;
  • you realize that you will be running on an uneven surface;
  • to have an adequate medical insurance;
  • the organization can´t be held responsable for loss of or damage to your property, injuries and/or damage related to your participation;·         you will agree to any decisions taken by the organization in order to prevent dangerous conditions or to minimize such by changing the route, shortening the route or cancelling the event due to storm damage or expected storms or other threats. In this case you can’t claim a refund of your registration fee or claiming other costs, such as travel , preparation and/or accommodation;
  • you agree to the use of photographic and video recordings from you for marketing purposes by adam & events.


Your bank will receive an automatic  payment order which will be executed in the week after the event has occurred. Your registration is a binding agreement. If canceled there will be no refund.

Registration period

You can sign in untill the last sunday before the event.